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Category: JEWELRY (8 records) Archive: Online Antique Auction - August 11 9.00 9.00 Pm

Item Description
564Fine pair of amber necklaces, fine quality.
565Fine pair of French enameled hairpins, fine detail.
566Very fine 19th century bone or ivory pendant. Finely made.
6003 pair of earings, Ross Simon, a pair of pink earings and a fine pair of Italian Micro Mosaic earings.
601Beautiful 19th century carved Ivory stick pin.
602Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction pewter cuff bracelet of an item found in King Tuts tomb.
603Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction of Barbarian earrings from the European Dark Ages.
604Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction necklace and bangle bracelet from Scythian era Central Eurasian people.