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Great Coin and Collectibles Auction - Feb 11 7:00 PM

Item Description
D1.1878-S Morgan Dollar MS-63
D2.1879-P Morgan Dollar MS-65 Proof Like
D3.1879-0 Morgan Dollar
D4.1879-S Morgan Dollar MS-65
D5.1880-P Morgan Dollar UNC
D6.1880-0 Morgan Dollar
D7.1880-S Morgan Dollar
D8.1881-P Morgan Dollar
D9.1881-0 Morgan Dollar AU
D10.1881-S Morgan Dollar MS-65
D11.1882-S Morgan Dollar MS-63
D12.1883-O Morgan Dollar MS-65
D13.1883-S Morgan Dollar
D14.1884-0 Morgan Dollar MS-65
D15.1884-S Morgan Dollar
D16.1885-P Morgan Dollar
D17.1885-0 Morgan Dollar MS-63
D18.1886-P Morgan Dollar
D19.1891 Morgan Dollar Carson City
D20.1896-P Morgan Dollar Gem BU
D21.1897-P Morgan Dollar MS-63
D22.1898-P Morgan Dollar MS-63
D23.1898-0 Morgan dollar MS-63
D24.1902-0 Morgan Dollar MS-62
D25.1903-P Morgan Dollar MS-62 Rainbow toning
D26.1903-S Morgan Dollar
D27.1904-0 Morgan Dollar Gem BU Proof Like
D28.1921 Morgan Dollar
D29.1922-P Peace Dollar UNC
D30.1922-P Peace Dollar Gem BU
D31.1922-P Peace Dollar UNC
D32.1922-P Peace Dollar Gem BU
D33.1922-P Peace Dollar BU
D34.1922-S Peace Dollar AU
D35.1923-P Peace Dollar UNC
D36.1923-P Peace Dollar UNC
D37.1923-P Peace Dollar AU
D38.1923-P Peace Dollar Gem BU
D39.1923-P Peace Dollar Gem BU
D40.1924-P Peace Dollar
D41.1924-S Peace Dollar
D42.1925-P Peace Dollar
D43.Lot of 9 Walking Liberty Half dollars 1934, 35-D, 35-S, 36, 36-D, 36-S,37, 39, 39-D
D44.Lot of 10 Walking Liberty half dollars, 1940, 40-S, 41-S, 42, 42-S, 43, 44-S, 45, 46, 47
D45.1948-P Franklin Half Dollar
D46.Lot of 2 Franklin Half Dollars, 1949-P, 1949-D
D47.Lot of 2 Franklin Half dollars, 1950-P, 1950-D
D48.Lot of 2 Franklin Half Dollars, 1954-S, 1954-D
D49.Lot of 2 Franklin half dollars, 1957-P, 1957-D
D50.Lot of 3 Franklin half dollars, 1961, 62, 63 Proofs
D52.Bullet Bolo tie
D53.Pair of mercury dime cufflinks.
D54.Ring and cufflink set. .45 Federal cartridge base with stone inset in primer.
D55.Mans stainless steel ring , .45 Winchester colt cartridge base.
D56.2 Pair of mens cufflinks, cartridge base.
D57.Lot of 4 tie clips, 2 gun related, 1 sons of union veterans of civil war, 1 libertas et patria
D58.Lot of 15 mens stainless steel or Tungsten rings
D59.Pair of Sterling southwestern style rings. Unmarked but guaranteed sterling.
D60.Pair of gothic/alchemy rings, pewter and stainless.
D61.Lot of 3 medals and a pair of gear shift cufflinks
D62.8 pc. lot of assorted mens jewelry
D63.George Shatterton Lincoln pocket watch, Mint in box. retails for $230.00
D64.Transfer or hand painted brooch or pin on ceramic.
D65.2 mens belt buckles
D66.Lot of 4 stylish high quality stainless steel mens bracelets. Some of these retail very high
D67.Lot of 4 stylish and high quality mens stainless steel bracelets.
D68.Tiffany foundry bronze Coca Cola belt buckle along with Maryland State Rifle and pistol association.
D69.Generous lot of medals, pins, patches. Including nice masonic medal.
D70.Generous lot of 9 mens stainless steel bracelets.
D71.Bergamot Brass belt buckle, NRA emblem and patch
D72.10 K gold pin, approx. 2 grams
D73.Gustav Stickley open bookcase, red label inside. 56.5 high, 35 wide by 13.5 total depth. Structurally sound and solid, has stains and some minor splits, Definitely can be refinished.
D74.2 vintage tins of #6 pistol powder, full.
D75.Vintage Winchester box along with Red Dot Shotgun powder tin, tin is half full.
D76.Lot of 3 boxes of .30 caliber bullets, projectiles only.
D77.Ceremonial sword with scabbard. Sword is beautifully engraved and marked Ames Sword Co., 33 long
D78.10 inch Roseville vase. 2 chips top rim
D79.Vintage Heddon Mouse lure, good condition.
D80.Vintage Heddon Crab Wiggler fishing lure. good condition
D81.Vintage Heddon Fishing reel model 3-25, decent working condition.
D82.Vintage Shakespeare "Perfect" model fishing reel, working condition.
D83.Lot of 8 vintage fishing lures.
D84.Lot of 3 vintage Fishing reels all in good working condition.
D85.Lot of vintage fishing flies
D86.Vintage fishing scale along with old pad lock. Both in good working condition.
D87.Rare Ammo/Reloading supply box. Dated 1912. Great lettering with provenance. 32 wide by 14 high.
D88.Vintage Boy Scout collectible lot.
D89.Lot of 4 "Vintage Trucks Of Yesteryear". MIB
D90.Model Car 1/2 Scale. MIB
D91.Rare Copper flashed personal bank. Has key, works.
D92.Lot of 4 Antique framed French fashion lithographs. Good early 19th century lithos.
D100.1896 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D101.1921 Morgan Dollar slabbed.
D102.1886 Morgan dollar, slabbed.
D103.1881-S Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D104.1900-0 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D105.1883-0 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D106.1885-0 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D107.1884-0 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D108.1887 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D109.1889 Morgan Dollar, commemorative.
D110.1880-S Morgan Dollar. BU
D111.1881-S Morgan Dollar. BU
D112.2017 1 OZ Silver Krugerrand with COA. Beautiful coin!
D113.1900 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D114.1898 Morgan Dollar.
D115.Lot of 30 Indian head pennies, dates 1880-1909. Nice lot.
D116.1889 Morgan dollar, slabbed.
D117.1885 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D118.1921 Morgan dollar, slabbed.
D119.1886 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D120.1904-0 Morgan Dollar, slabbed.
D121.1889 Morgan Dollar.
D122.1899-0 Morgan Dollar
D123.1889 Morgan Dollar
D124.1896 Morgan Dollar, XF
D125.1885-0 Morgan Dollar
D126.1880 Morgan Dollar, toning bottom left.
D127.1883-0 Morgan Dollar, some toning.
D128.1896 Morgan Dollar
D129.1886-P Morgan Dollar XF
D130.1904-P Morgan Dollar, XF
D131.1902-0 Morgan Dollar, AU
D132.1900-P Morgan Dollar. AU
D133.1878 Morgan Dollar
D134.Ancient Coin, Widows Mite. NGC graded and slabbed.
D135.2017 China Panda 1 0Z silver coin. Slabbed with COA and display box. Beautiful Coin.
D136.2017 Canadian Maple Leaf 1 0Z silver coin. Slabbed with COA and display box. Beautiful coin.
D137.1923 Peace Dollar, slabbed.
D138.1924 Peace Dollar, slabbed.
D139.1922-S Peace Dollar, slabbed. BU
D140.1922 Peace Dollar,slabbed. BU
D141.1923 Peace Dollar, slabbed. BU
D142.1923-S Peace Dollar, slabbed. BU
D143.1922 Peace Dollar, slabbed.
D144.1925 Peace Dollar, slabbed.
D145.1909 Lincoln Head penny, VDB, MS64 RD PCGS, graded and slabbed. Very nice coin.
D146.1891 Seated Liberty dime.
D147.Lot of 14 Mercury dimes with 1 Eisenhower dime.
D148.Lot of 5 Mercury dimes.
D149.Lot of 13 Mercury dimes.
D150.Lot of 30 Eisenhower dimes.
D151.Lot of 10 Mercury dimes.
D152.Antique vise in working condition. 14 inches long.
D153.Large Granite/Spatter ware water jug. 13 inches high.
D154.Lot of 4 Harmonicas, along with instructional kit. Harmonicas never used.
D155.Lot of 4 cars and trucks of yesteryear, MIB.
D156.Lot of 2 victorian picture frames.
D157.Good vintage Coleman lantern, MIB, never used.
D158.Pair of vintage oriental pottery lamps, working ,good condition. 26 high to top of finial.
D159.Charter Arms AR-7 .22 caliber survival rifle. This semi auto rifle breaks down and all parts fit into gun stock for backpack survivalist easy carry. Good working condition.
D160.Pair of good quality rifle carry cases. The darker colored one is 45 inches long, the lighter colored one is 46 long.
D161.Lot of 4 vintage canes.
D162.Lot of 3 Christopher White limited edition prints, signed and numbered. Comes with COA
D163.Vintage guilt oval mirror in nice condition. 38 wide by 31 high,
D164.Nice 10 point trophy animal mounted rack.
D165.Lot of vintage train, tracks and small toy cars.
D166.Lot of Antique books.
D167.Generous lot of flashlights, some nice ones in this lot.
D168.Good Western Ammo box.
D169.Nice vintage lot of yearbooks.
D170.Good vintage ammo box.
D171.Fine pair of hooks.
D172.Lot of 3 Antique picture frames
D173.Beautiful full Coyote mount taxidermy. 37 long by 28 high. Missing some fur on back leg. Nice taxidermy. Need low opening bid of $80.00 for consigner.
D51.Pair of Indian head penny cufflinks.