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Exciting Online Sports Memorabilia - Nov 19, 2017

Item Description
1A.Hard to find Street banner from Steelers AFC Championship game. A must have for Steelers fans. 74 high by 48 wide. Beautiful
2A.Signed Evgeni Malkin photo, 9.5 high by 7.5 wide
3A.Signed 8 by 10 Troy Polamalu photo. Certified signature
4A.Signed 8 by 10 Terry Bradshaw, framed.
5A.Signed 8 by 10 Jerome Bettis certified
6.Signed 8 by 10 Levion Bell photo. Certified
7A.Signed 8 by 10 of Evgeni Malkin and Sydney Crosby certified
8.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 8 by 10. Certified
9A.Signed Troy Polamalu 8 by 10. Certified
10.Signed Jerome Bettis 8 by 10 . Certified
11.Signed David Duvall golf ball
12.Signed Byron Nelson golf ball
13.Tiger Woods US Open golf ball, unsigned
14.Certified Signed Chicago Cubs 2016 world series helmet
15.Signed Casey Hampton jersey. Good condition
16.Practice game worn Pittsburgh Penguin jersey. Some game scuffs...
17.Signed Donnie Schell jersey. Good condition.
18.Les Binkley signed hockey puc
19.Signed Connor Sheary hocky puc
20.Signed Chris Kunitz hockey puc
21.Double signed Mario Lemieux and Sydney Crosby hockey puc
22.Double signed Crosby and Malkin hockey puc
23.Signed Sydney Crosby hockey puc
24.Nick Bonino signed hockey puc
25.Double signed Crosby and Malkin hockey puc
26.Signed Kris letang hockey puc
27.Sydney Crosby signed hockey puc
28.Signed Mario Lemieux hockey puc
29.Gerrit Cole signed MLB game used baseball
30.Starling Marte signed MLB game used baseball
31.Gerrit Cole signed game used MLB baseball
32.Jung Ho Kang signed game used MLB baseball
33.Triple signed, Polanco, McCutchen and Marte game used MLB baseball
34.Multi signature game used MLB baseball bat
35.Game used MLB cracked baseball bat
36.Game used MLB baseball bat signed. is cracked
37.Game used MLB bat signed Tony Oliva
38.Game worn Pgh Penguin hockey pants
39.Signed Johny Unitas picture grouping. 28 wide by 20.5 high
40.Double signed Jerome Bettis pictures, 15.5 wide by 21.5 high
41.Signed Levion Bell football
42.Double signed Crosby and Lemieux 8 by 10 certified
43.Signed Sidney Crosby 8 by 10 certified
44.Nick Bonino signed 8 by 10 photo, certified
45.Matt Murray signed 8 by 10 photo, certified
46.Partial team signed 8 by 10 poster/print Stanley Cup 2016 champions, certified
47.Signed Magic Johnson pamphlet/itinerary
48.Signed Donald Trump baseball, certified
49.Signed Eric Lindros Hockey garments, certified
50.Pirates Advertising 1971 team by Iron City Brewing....IronCity sounds familiar
51.Signed David Robinson 8 by 10 photo
52.Signed Dan Marino 8 by 10 photo
53.Signed Joe Montana 8 by 10 photo
54.Signed Hideo Nomo 8 by 10 photo
55.Signed Drew Bledso 8 by 10 photo
56.Lot of 6 game used signed MLB baseballs
57.Lot of 6 signed game used MLB baseballs
58.Lot of 6 game used signed MLB baseballs
59.Lot of 6 signed game used MLB baseballs
60.Sidney Crosby print on canvas. Original wrapper, 23.5 wide by 32 high
61.Hall of Fame Legends framed picture array. Signed, Mickey Mantle, Duke Snider and Willie Mays, certified. 30.5 by 30.5
62.Signed Tom Brady, University of Michigan photo, certified 8 by 10
63.Signed Andrea Johnson 8 by 10 photo certified
64.Signed Gale Sayers original autograph 8 by 10 photo
65.Signed Barry sanders 8 by 10 photo certified
66.Signed Randy Moss 8 by 10 photo certified
67.Signed Chris Johnson 11 by 14 photo, certified
68.Signed Bubby Brister football
69.Signed Heath Miller jersey. Mint condition, certified
70.Practice game worn Penguin Jersey
71.Signed Jim Brown 8 by 10 photo, certified
72.Alex Ovechkin Authentic Piece of The Net, certified
73.Signed Penguins framed poster, hung in local Pittsburgh bar players frequented and signed. 44 high by 32 wide
74.Sidney Crosby hockey stick blade
75.Signed Larry Johnson 8 by 10 photo
76.Signed Oscar Delahoya 8 by 10 photo
77.Signed Clyde Drexler 8 by 10 photo
78.Signed Bernie Kosar 8 by 10 photo
79.Signed Bure 8 by 10 photo
80.Signed Shaquille Oneil 8 by 10 photo
81.Signed Joe Mullen 8 by 10 photo
82.Pirates Team signed helmet
83.Signed Inaugural first Game certificates, Pirates, Rockies. Jim Leland, Don Baylor
84.Signed Mario Lemieux NHL All Star game plaque
85.Signed Jerry Rice 8 by 10 photo
86.Beautifully framed signed Jordan photo 8 by 10
87.Signed Bud Dupree 11 by 14 photo
88.Set of 4 Logo Man Bobble Heads, Mint in Box
89.Game used MLB bat, cracked.
90.Game used signed MLB bat, cracked with heavy pine tar.
91.Game used, MLB Bat, Split
92.Game used MLB bat, cracked.
93.Game used MLB bat, cracked.
94.Signed Frank Thomas 8x10 photo
95.Signed Barry Bonds 8x10 photo
96.Signed Ryan Sandbury 8x10 photo
97.Signed Dion Sanders 8x10 photo
98.Signed Andrea Rison 8x10 photo
99.Signed Rickey Waters 8x10 photo
100.Signed Cal Ripken 8x10 photo
101.Lot of 6 signed MLB game used balls
102.Lot of 6 signed MLB game used balls
103.Lot of 6 signed MLB game used balls
104.Lot of 6 signed MLB game used balls
105.Lot of 6 signed MLB game used balls
106.Signed Todd Haley 8x10 photo
107.Signed Joe Mullen 8x10 photo
108.Double signed Jerome Bettis & Kordell Stewart 8x10 photo
109.Signed Emitt Smith 8x10 photo
110.Signed Nick Bonino 8x10 photo, certified
111.Signed Antonio Brown 8x10 photo, certified
112.Print of Forbes Field, Pittsburgh Pirate Hall of Famers signed by Ralph Kiner, 25" wide by 19" high.
113.2 signed & framed 8x10's of Antonio Brown.
114.Print on canvas of 2016 Stanley Cup Penguins Tickets, 31" wide by 16" high.
115.Signed cardboard cutout of Jerry the King Lawler, 23" high
116.Team signed Cleveland Gladiators Arena Football League
117.Signed Youngstown State University Football
118.Team signed Football, Arena Football League
119.Walt Harris signed football along with unsigned football
120.AFL signed football
121.Lot of 8 packs of University of Notre Dame 1st edition player cards
122.Paul McFadden signed child's football
123.Signed Youngstown State University football
124.Signed NFL football
125.Signed Troy Polamalu 8x10 phote, certified
126.Signed Martavis Bryant 14x11 photo
127.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 8x10 photo
128.Signed Troy Polamalu 8x10 photo
129.Signed LeBron James 8x10 photo, certified
130.Signed Wayne Gretzky 8x10 photo, certified
131.Signed Tom Brady 8x10 photo, certified
132.Signed Heath Miller 8x10 photo, certified
133.Signed Marcus Mariota 8x10 photo, certified
134.Signed Barry Sanders 8x10 photo on plaque
135.Signed Jerry Rice 8x10 photo
136.Signed Troy Polamalu 8x10 photo, certified
137.Signed Buster Douglas 11x14 photo, certified
138.Signed L.C. Greenwood 8x10 photo
139.Signed Buster Douglas 11x14 photo, certified
140.Signed Muhammad Ali framed 8x10 photo, certified
141.Signed Adrian Peterson 8x10 plaque with rookie card.
142.Signed L.C. Greenwood 8x10 photo
143.Signed Troy Polamalu framed picture, 18" wide x 22" high
144.Set of 6 slabbed rookie cards
145.Set of 5 Cal Ripken Jr. slabbed trading cards
146.Lot of 6 autographed trading cards
147.Lot of 6 autographed trading cards
148.Donald Trump limited edition card
149.Lot of 5 sports trading advertising cards
150.Lot of 6 trading cards, 4 are slabbed
151.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 8x10 photo
152.Bill Mazeroski bobble head, mint in box
153.Lot of 6 autographed trading cards, certified
154.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 8x10 photo
155.Lot of 6 MLB signed game used balls
156.Lot of 6 MLB signed game used balls
157.Lot of 6 MLB signed game used balls
158.Lot of 6 MLB signed game used balls
159.Lot of 7 MLB signed game used balls
160.Lot of 6 commemorative hockey pucks
161.Signed Buster Douglas 11x14 photo, certified
162.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 8x10 photo
163.Signed Troy Polamalu 8x10 photo, certified
164.Lot of 8 trading cards with actual pieces of game worn jersey
165.Lot of 6 trading cards
166.Lot of 6 trading cards, 3 with pieces of game worn jersey
167.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 8x10 photo
168.Signed Troy Polamalu 8x10 photo, certified
169.Signed Enos Slaughter 8x10 photo and card with plaque
170.Game used MLB bat with multiple signatures, cracked
171.Game used MLB bat, signed, cracked
172.Game used MLB bat, heavy pine tar, cracked
173.Signed Troy Polamalu 8x10 photo
174.Lot of 3 Willie Stargell bobble head, mint in box
175.Lot of 3 Willie Stargell bobble head, mint in box
176.Lot of 3 Willie Stargell bobble head, mint in box
177.2 Garrett Jones bobble heads & Willie Stargell bobble head, mint in box
178.Lot of 3 Matt Capps bobble heads, mint in box
179.Lot of 6 signed Charlie Morton Pirates First Pitch magazines
180.Lot of 7 pieces of paper sports memorabilia
181.Lot of 40 hockey trading cards
182.Sidney Crosby stick blade
183.3 piece paper sports memorabilia lot
184.Lot of 4 Bobble heads, including a talking Bob Prince. Mint in box
185.Signed Troy Palamulu 8 by 10 photo
186.Lot of 3 Bobble Heads, 2 Bob Walk and a Neil Walker. Mint in box
187.2 signed Pirate pictures along with 2 signed official scorecards.
188.Lot of 6 duplicate signed official scorecards along with a signed 8 by 10 Tommy Maddox
189.Signed Pirates First Pitch Magazine along with a signed Adrian Brown picture
190.Lot of 9 duplicate 2008 signed 2008 Pirates official scorecards.
191.3 piece baseball paper memorabilia lot.
192.Lot of 18 empty beer bottles and case Bliers Brew
193.2001 Norman Rockwell collectors stein along with a Delmont Young figurine. Mint in box
194.Lot of 3 PNC Park miniature replicas. Mint in box
195.2 PNC Park replicas along with a Carlos Pena and Jerry Rice figurines.
196.Wolf of Wall Street, signed by cast movie poster. Framed 28 wide by 41 high.
197.Denzel Washington , He Got Game movie poster. framed 28 wide by 41 high