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Online Antique Auction - August 11 9.00 9.00 Pm

Item Description
501.1925 Peace Dollar, UNC blast white.
502.1923 Peace Dollar, Blast White
503.1922 peace Dollar UNC Blast White
505.1924 Peace Dollar UNC Blast White
506.1921 Morgan Dollar UNC Blast White
507.1924 Peace Dollar, partial hole drilled in coin
508.1886 Morgan Dollar hole drilled in coin
509.1923 Peace Dollar, hole drilled in coin, as is.
510.1921 Morgan S Dollar, average circulated coin
511.1935 Peace Dollar, average circulated coin, better date.
512.1896 Morgan, average circulated
513.1881 New Orleans Morgan, average circulated
514.1900 Morgan O, average circulated
515.1899 Morgan 0 Circulated with worn rims
516.1897 Morgan O, circulated worn rims
517.1891 Morgan O circulated with well worn rims.
518.1923 Philadelphia Peace dollar, MS-63 NGC UNC
519.1880 Philadelphia Morgan, nick in coin upper right , pictured.
520.1883 Morgan money clip. Nice Morgan
521.1882 Morgan, made into coin chain, Nice Morgan
522.2014 Silver Eagle, beautiful UNC Eagle in plastic case.
523.Three walking Liberties, 1934, 1939, 1941. solid very fine examples.
524.3 Walking Liberty halves, 1943, 1945, 1946. Solid very fine examples.
525.3 Franklin Halves, all 1962 UNC
526.3 Franklin Halves, 1957 Date is UNC, 1962, 1963.
527.3 Franklin Halves, 1948, 1949 S 1950 D. Circulated
528.3 Franklin halves, 1951 S 1950, 1952
529.Vintage Silvertone portable record player. Clean working with a tear in decoration on top.
530.Large vintage Franciscan ware platter, 19.5 wide, no chips
531.Medium size Spatterware bowl, 10.5 inches wide. Good condition.
532.4 pieces sterling jewelry, 3 rings and a necklace. All marked .925
533.Lot of Pa Railroad Ephemera.
534.Pa. Collectable paper lot.
535.Collectable lot of paper, maps, ect.
536.Collectable paper lot of receipts ect.
537.Museum reproduction of 19th century cake stand. Figural pedestal with faces. Excellent condition, 12.5 in diameter
538.Celebrate The Century Stamp collection, 1900-1980, 9 volumes containing 15 .32cent stamps in each volume. $43.20 in face value
539.Williamsburg Reproduction of a 19th century nut stand in pewter. 13inches high
540.Mid Century wall clock, tile and walnut. 24 high by 17 wide. Runs, battery operated.
541.Jay Turser electric guitar, good condition.
542.Hawk Precision scroll saw. Very good condition. Expensive saw to buy new.
543.Technics Turn Table, good condition
544.Airline travel Agent advertising print. 1960-1965, 22.5 wide by 18.5 high.
545.Fine pair of frosted glass boudoir lamps, some of the blue tinting has worn. Fine pair, 15.5 high, shades 7.5 round.
546.Collectable lot of pins, a knife, clock pendulum ect.
547.Lot of costume jewelry along with Catholic items rosaries ect.
548.Vintage wedding dress in original sealed box. Do not know size.
549.Catholic altar clothes from the estate of Bishop McDowell
550.Dietz Little Wizard Lantern, good condition.
551.Vintage graniteware jug, lid possibly replaced at later date. 10 inches high, good condition.
552.Very generous lot of celebrity autographs,one post card reproduction, the rest of the lot are true celebrity autographs. Very interesting lot.
553.Lot of Ephemera, post cards, ect. Unite poster is a vintage Black Panthers propaganda poster.
554.4 Pc whimsical lot, a metal chicken, wood horse and a pair of wood candlesticks
555.108 Pieces of Community silverplate, original box, clean
556.Lot of vintage 1940s celluloid baby rattles.
557.Lot of vintage photographs.
558.Lot of military ephemera, letters, photos, ect
559.Lot of 3 vintage yearbooks, 1 is Pgh school of nursing.
560.Lot of artists sketchbooks.
561.Lot of sheet music/music books.
562.Silvertone Portable record player. Clean used condition.
563.Vintage cuckoo clock as is. Parts and repair
564.Fine pair of amber necklaces, fine quality.
565.Fine pair of French enameled hairpins, fine detail.
566.Very fine 19th century bone or ivory pendant. Finely made.
567.Lot of costume jewelry along with a bedside clock.
568.Interesting wood carving along with a vintage pushbutton phone.
569.Vintage cast aluminum diesel pump nozzle/fueler.
570.Vintage tea cart, some stains on top, missing glass in tray. Bench made from 100 percent black walnut. 31.5 high total width 42
571.Very fine Lexington, Bob Timberlake line reproduction of an 18th century Queen Anne 1 drawer stand. Solid cherry, great lines, very minor wear. 26,5 high by 29 wide.
572.Royal Doulton Bunnykins 3 piece lot, no chips
573.Recent production cuckoo clock.
574.Generous lot of metalware, Baldwin brass candlestick. Everlast aluminum, ect..
575.Lot of assorted glassware and a wooden giraffe.
576.Very generous lot of silverplate, including a georgian style champagne bucket.
577.Generous lot of costume jewelry.
578.MCM Burnwood products wall hanger, 25.5 high.
579.Lot of 16 VHS Disney movies.
580.Early American style maple drysink, copper lined good quality. 33.5 high by 38 wide.
581.Contemporary Iron and upholstered widow bench, some light stains on fabric. 51 wide by 28,5 high.
582.Vintage Stromberg Carlson tube radio, AM only, works. 13 wide by 11 high
583.Pair of A Von Munchhausen prints along with a large contemporary print. Larger Munchhausen print is 24 high, by 29.5 wide.
584.Vintage rush seat nursing rocker, good condition. 35 high by 18 wide
585.Generous lot of Brattenburg linens.
586.2 road signs.
587.Lot of 3 road signs.
588.Lot of 10 Fransiscan Ware 10.5 inch dinner plates, a few small flecks on 3 of them pictured, paint stuck to bottom of one.
589.Fransiscan Ware gravy boat along with a 7 inch water pitcher.
590.Fransiscan Ware , 2 matching creamers and a sugar bowl, no chips
591.Small salt and pepper along with a large pepper, Fransiscan Ware. No chips
592.Lot of 12 Fransiscan ware 6 inch bowls. No chips
593.Lot of 8 Fransiscan Ware 8 inch salad bowls
594.Lot of 5 Fransiscan ware 6 inch bowls along with 2 5,5 inch bowls.
595.Lot of 6 Fransiscan Ware 5 inch high drinking cups, no chips. Some paint stuck to the bottom of one
596.4 piece mixed lot of Franciscan Ware, 1 pepper shaker, 1 divided serving dish, small flecks on edge, 1 large salad bowl along with 1 serving dish.
597.Lot of 5 Fransiscan Ware 5.5 inch soup bowls, 1 has hairline, 1 has small fleck, along with 2 mugs 4.4 inch tall, 1 has hairline.
598.Lot of 7 Fransiscan Ware 6.5 inch plates along with a tea kettle. no lid.Hair line in bottom of kettle.
599.Lot of 11 Fransiscan Ware cups along with 11 saucers, no chips.
504.1924 Peace Dollar, nice UNC
600.3 pair of earings, Ross Simon, a pair of pink earings and a fine pair of Italian Micro Mosaic earings.
601.Beautiful 19th century carved Ivory stick pin.
602.Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction pewter cuff bracelet of an item found in King Tuts tomb.
603.Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction of Barbarian earrings from the European Dark Ages.
604.Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction necklace and bangle bracelet from Scythian era Central Eurasian people.