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Antiques, coins and collectable auction - Sunday, Feb 25 7:00 PM 7:00 PM

Item Description
E1.US Presidential coin collection, From Washington to Ford, 1-38, plus Ronald Reagan, 39 total. Beautiful $1 coins in sets of 3. Face value of $117.00. This lot includes beautiful case. Must have opening minimum bid of $145.00 to satisfy estate.
E2.1991 Prestige Coin Set. Beautifully presented featuring a 26.73 gram 90% silver dollar. Comes with COA and case.
E3.Lot of 4 Walking liberty half dollars. 1941, 1946-s, 1947, 1947-0
E4.Lot of 4 Walking liberty half dollars. 1935, 1937, 1938, 1941.
E5.2016 Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles set. Beautifully rendered featuring a 1oz Silver American Eagle. Comes with case and COA.
E6.2015 United states Mint silver Proof set. Featuring a , 90% silver half dollar, 5 90% silver quarters, 1 dime 90% silver, plus other coins.
E7.Lot of 4 Walking liberty half dollars. a 1936 along with 3 1939's. The 2 top 39s pictured are better grade coins.
E8.1995 Prestige coin set, featuring a 26.73 gram 90% Silver dollar plus 6 other coins. Nicely rendered.
E9.1925 Stone mountain Memorial silver half dollar. AU
E10.1995 Civil War Battlefield commemorative coin set featuring a .76 oz 90% silver dollar.
E11.Lot of of 1964 Half dollars, 90% silver.
E12.2009 US Mint 2009 Silver proof set, featuring a 90% half dollar, 6 90% silver quarters, 1 90% silver dime and 6 $1 dollar coins.
E13.1997 US Mint Silver proof set featuring a 90% silver half dollar, 90% quarter and 90% dime.
E14.Lot of 4 Walking liberty half dollars. 1936-D, 1941-S, 1941 and 1942.
E15.US Bicentennial Silver proof set, 40% silver coins.
E16.1966 US Special mint set featuring a 40% half dollar along with 4 $1 dollar face value each Mt. Rushmore commemorative coins.
E17.1938-D PCGS MS66 slabbed and graded Jefferson nickel.
E18.Lot of 4 Walking liberty half dollars. 1942-S, 1942-D, 1943, 1943-D
E19.Lot of 6 24 KT. Gold Leaf clad bills. 3 pair of 2 matching.
E20.1996 US Mint Silver proof set, Half dollar, quarter and dime are 90% silver.
E21.2005 W Proof 1oz Silver Eagle
E22.2011 W Proof 1oz Silver Eagle
E23.2010 W Proof 1oz Silver Eagle
E24.2007 W Proof 1oz Silver Eagle
E27.Lot of 4 Walking Liberty half dollars, 1943-S, 1944. 1944-D, 1945
E28.1938 Jefferson nickel, PCGS MS65 FS, nice coin!
E25.2008 W Proof 1oz Silver Eagle
E26.1992 US Mint Olympic Silver Dollar, Nolan Ryan. Comes with case and card.
E29.1982-S Washington Silver half dollar PCGS PR 69 DCAM, along with a 1986-S clad half dollar.
E30.2016 W 1oz Silver Eagle 30th Anniversary PF69
E31.2017 1oz Silver Eagle, First Day Issue, MS70
E32.2004 1oz Silver Eagle, MS69
E33.2017 1oz Silver Eagle, MS70
E34.2006 1oz silver Eagle, MS69
E35.Lot of 3 Jefferson nickels, 1941-D 5C MS66 6 Steps, 1943-S 5C PCGS MS66 and a 1945-S AU
E36.Lot of 5 Hobo nickels from the 1930's. Nice lot.
E37.Lot of 6 Jefferson nickels along with 3 Lincoln pennies including a 1910-S Key Date penny.
E38.US Bicentennial Silver Uncirculated set.
E39.Lot of 4 Kennedy half dollars, 1966, 2 1967s and a 1968-D
E40.2016 US Mint Silver Proof set, featuring a silver Kennedy half, silver dime, 5 silver quarters and 4 $1 coins, 13 coins total.
E41.2017 Us Mint Silver Proof set, featuring a silver half, silver dime and 5 silver quarters. Total of 10 coins in this set.
E42.2008 1oz Silver Eagle MS 69
E43.2017 1oz Silver Eagle Premier PCGS MS70
E45.Lot of 4 Kennedy half dollars 2 1964s, 1965 and a 1969-S
E46.2 Proof Franklin half dollars, 1963 and 1964. Good mirror bright coins with some original toning on the edges.
E47.Lot of 4 Liberty Walking half dollars, 1944-S, 1945, 1945-D and 1947.
E48.2014 US Mint Silver Proof set, featuring a silver Kennedy half, silver dime, 5 silver quarters and 4 $1 coins. 13 coins total in this set.
E49.Lot of 9 Silver quarters, various dates.
E50.1968 US Mint set, 11 coins, along with a 1965 US Mint set with 6 coins. Kennedy halves are 40% silver.
E51.2015 1oz Silver Eagle MS 69
E52.1967 US Mint Set 5 coins along with 1969 Mint set with 10 coins. Kennedy half dollars 40% silver.
E53.Lot of 4 Walking Liberty half dollars, 1917, 1918, 1920-D and 1935-D
E54.2011 1oz Silver Eagle MS69
E55.2016 1oz Silver Eagle MS69
E56.Lot of 4 Kennedy half dollars, 3 1964s and a 1964-D
E57.2013 US Mint Silver Proof set, featuring a silver half dollar, a silver dime, 5 silver quarters and 4 $1 dollar coins. 13 total coins in this set.
E58.Lot of 10 Jefferson nickels, various dates.
E59.2009 1oz Silver Eagle MS69
E60.2017 1oz Silver Eagle
E61.2016 1oz Silver Eagle BU
E62.Lot of 4 Walking Liberty half dollars. 1934-S, 1934-D, 1936-D, 1945-S
E63.Lot of 3 Silver coins, 1954-D Franklin half, 1963 BU quarter, 1945 quarter
E64.2017-W 1oz Silver Eagle PR70 DCAM First Strike
E65.2017 1oz Silver Eagle BU
E66.2005 1 oz Silver Eagle MS69
E67.2014 1oz Silver Eagle MS69
E68.1968 and 1969 US Proof sets, Kennedy halves are 40% silver
E69.US Bicentennial Silver Proof set, 3 coins are 40% silver
E70.Lot of Walking Liberty half dollars, 1936, 1937, 1941-D, 1941-S
E71.Lot of 4 Walking Liberty half dollars, 1942, 1943-S. 1944-S, 1945-S
E72.2017 1oz Silver Eagle BU
E73.Lot of 5 Walking Liberty half dollars, 1944-D, 1945-D, 1946, 1946-D, 1947
E74.1993 and 1995 US Mint Silver Proof sets, half dollar, quarter and dime are 90% silver.
E75.1996 US Mint Silver Proof set, half dollar, quarter and dime are 90% silver. Along with 2 proof Lincoln pennies.
E76.1994 1oz Silver Eagle
E77.2017 1oz Silver Eagle, MS69
E78.Lot of 4 Indian Head nickels along with 8 Jefferson nickels.
E79.Lot of 10 Jefferson nickels along with 2 Lincoln pennies.
E80.Lot of 3 Kennedy half dollars, 1967, 1968-D, 1969-D
E81.2003 1oz Silver Eagle MS69
E82.2010 1 oz Silver Eagle MS69
E83.2012 1oz Silver Eagle MS69
E84.2007 1oz Silver Eagle MS 69
E85.Box lot of 40 Jefferson nickels
E86.2013 1oz Silver Eagle MS69
E87.1992 1oz Silver Eagle
E88.1993 1oz Silver Eagle
E89.4 piece lot of sterling silver jewelry, all sterling.
E90.Nice storage box for your Walking Liberty half dollars. 14 wide by 7 high, case only.
E91.Storage box for Silver dollars, nice case with beveled glass. 12 wide by 7 high. Case only
E92.Display box for slabbed coins. 17 wide by 6 high.
E93.Generous lot of coin slabs, holders.
E94.Generous lot of coin holders, various types.
E95.Generous lot of coin cases, holders ect.
E96.Lot of 3 coin holders
E97.WW2 canteen with cooker cup along with a Garand belt.
E98.Mickey Mouse watch, MIB
E99.Lot of 3 digital cameras in working condition, 2 need batteries charges, Nikkon takes regular batteries which it needs new ones.
E100.Kodak Carousel 750 H Projector, MIB, never used.
E101.Digital camera tripod, like new condition.
E102.Antique frame with reproduction print. 27 wide by 31 high
E103.Framed Print " Steelers Drive for Five". 25 wide by 38 high
E104.Sirius XACT Boom box with satellite radio receiver. Nice lot never used.
E105.Chicago Electric multifunction tool along with Cobra Jump Pack, both never used.
E106.Kaloric portable Induction cooking plate, never used.
E107.4 piece lot of antiques and collectibles, washboard, West Germany coffee grinder, antique candle lighter and a print on board of a sailing vessel.
E108.Fine pair of quality contemporary lamps. 30.5 high to top of finial.
E109.Cast iron Johnson Wax mop base along with a vintage boy scout field cookware set.
E110.A good vintage Peters ammo box for 20 gauge shotgun shells.
E111.Good vintage 49 star US flag, 3x5 MIB
E112.A good antique gun cleaning case with original wood cleaning rod, box is walnut. Cleaning rod held to .30 caliber bullet for comparison to caliber of cleaning rod. Interesting lot here, 29" long.
E113.Soda Stream Source Soda Maker, never used. Retails at $80.00
E114.Bachman Empire Builder Train set. Complete, never used, retails at $250.00
E115.Lot of new tools, including Brownells Magna-Tip superset which has a high resale value. Tools never used
E116.Lot of early wood planes.
E117.A good early gun cleaning supply case grain painted and stenciled. 30.5 long, interesting lot!
E118.Early toolbox, walnut and poplar, fitted interior. 27 wide by 14 high
E119.Antique Arts and Crafts andirons, 19.5 high.
E120.MCM Metlox Poppy Trail coffee/tea set. Uncomplete set, chip on lid of coffee pot.
E121.Nostalgia lot 7 Seton LaSalle lobby posters for high school musicals and plays. From the 1990s, larger ones are 18x24.
E122.Trifold Art deco mirror, 34 wide opened.
E123.Vintage metal Thermos cooler. Has a few scratches and needs cleaned.
E124.Toro electric Ultra Blower Vac, good running condition.
E125.Vintage Bait Canteen.
E126.Necor 31 day clock, comes with key and pendulum. Some wear on the bottom, 26.5 high.
E127.Brownells Magna Tip Super Set along with mine driver set. Brownells like new with high resale value.
E128.Cast Iron door stop.
E129.Vintage fishing net, some tears in the netting. Lure included.
E130.1940s Micro 16 Spy cam along with Tasco Binoculars.
E131.Vintage 4 piece Vanity set. Good quality glassware.
E132.Generous lot of costume jewelry and misc. merchandise.
E133.Generous lot of photography equipment and supplies, 5 tripods and a LED Macro Ring flash. All in good condition.
E134.Lot of 2 Photography items, light and a tripod. Good condition.
E135.Good vintage buck saw. Decent condition 41 long.
E136.Pair of French Lead crystal eagles. High quality glassware, 8 inches high.
E137.Lot of vintage Silver plate.
E138.Vintage Guilt rectangular wall mirror, good condition. 39x27
E139.Good grouping of Antique photographs.
E140.Antique Lap desk with contents. Lap desk has some condition problems. Early drawings and sketches dated 1883. Very interesting lot here.
E141.Giant lot of vintage stamps and related memorabilia.
E142.Good 19th Century woven basket, minor damage pictured. 17 wide by 15 high.
E143.Very generous lot of electronics, most never used. Big savings.
E144.Torpedo Kitchen Blender/ appliance. Never used. MIB
E145.Very generous lot of MCM kitchen ware. Pyrex, Sunburst Aluminum, Kensington ware, ect.
E146.Lot of 3 household electronic items, Samsung DVD player, Brother PT D600 label maker and 15" Sharp TV. All in good working condition.
E147.Lot of 2 ladders, Werner 4 ft and a household foldup ladder. Both in very good condition.
E148.Lot of 6 Models of vintage Automobiles, never used, MIB.
E149.Lot of 6 Models of vintage automobiles. Never used, MIB
E150.Very generous lot of household electronics, Laminator, scanner and HD Jump. High retail value. Never used,
E151.Lot of 2 Models of vintage automobiles. MIB
E152.Lot of 2 models of vintage automobiles. MIB
E153.Lot of 2 models of vintage automobiles. MIB
E154.Lot of 2 models of vintage automobiles. MIB.
E155.Lot of 4 models of vintage automobiles. MIB
E156.3 piece lot of household tools. Electric Ryobi drill is like new.
E157.Lot of 7 models of vintage automobiles. MIB
E158.Vintage Panasonic Cassette tape recorder. MIB
E159.Lot of 7 models of vintage automobiles. MIB
E160.Lot of 5 models of vintage automobiles. MIB
E161.Vintage pocket compass.