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Item Description
1001.Autographed and game issued Mario Lemieux jersey. Excellent condition.
1002.Signed Joe Dimaggio, Whitey Ford, Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle. Total size in frame 14 by 12. Authenticity on back, great lot!!!
1003.Team signed new England Patriots Football, excellent condition. Certified
1004.Signed Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays baseball.
1005.Autographed Alex Ovechkin official NHL jersey. Excellent condition.
1006.Oakmont Country Club members jacket, size unknown. Excellent condition
1007.Beautifully framed large signed photo of Levion Bell, 25 wide by 31 high. Certified
1008.Legends of golf photo signed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player. 15 wide by 12 high framed, certified.
1009.Signed Lebron James jersey, certified.
1010.Signed Jerome Bettis jersey, excellent condition. XL, certified.
1011.Framed photo of Muhammed Ali, signed and certified. 11 wide by 13.5 high
1012.Signed Levion Bell jersey. Excellent condition, XL, certified
1013.Game used signed Tom Barrasso goalie stick, good condition.
1014.Lot of 5 slabbed and graded sports cards.
1015.Signed Levion Bell, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger football. Excellent condition, certified.
1016.Multi signature game used MLB bat.
1017.Lot of 5 slabbed and graded sports, trading cards.
1018.Slabbed Malkin and Crosby jersey card, certified.
1019.Lot of 5 slabbed and graded sports, trading cards.
1020.Lot of 5 slabbed and graded sports, trading cards.
1021.Lot of 4 slabbed and graded sports, trading cards.
1022.3 photo array of Johnny Unitas, signed. Framed 27.5 wide by 20.5 high. Certified
1023.Game issued Sidney Crosby hockey stick
1024.Reggie White, Drew Brees, slabbed dual jersey card. certified
1025.1956 Topps Willie Mays card, encased
1026.Signed Ben Roethlisberger jersey. Excellent condition.
1027.Signed Jack Ham photo, framed 11.5 wide by 14.5 high
1028.1960 Willie Mays Slabbed and graded Topps baseball card.
1029.Signed Buster Douglas photo 14 by 11 high. Certified
1030.Signed Donald Trump baseball, certified
1031.Signed Bubby Brister football.
1032.Complete set of Lebron James slabbed and graded rookie cards. Gem Mint 10, 1 through 20. Great Lot!!
1033.Team signed Print /poster Cleveland Cavaliers. 2016 NBA Finals Game 7, certified.
1034.Mario Lemieux signed City Paper, April 1994
1035.Signed Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali 4 photo array. Signed by both men 11 by 14 high. Certified
1036.Signed Phil Mickelson Golf ball from 2004 Ryder Cup, certified.
1037.Signed Brett Kiesel 11 by 14 high photo.Certified
1038.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 11 by 14 high photo, certified.
1039.Signed Heath Miller 14 by 11 high photo, certified.
1040.Signed Enos Slaughter 8 by 10 photo with trading card. On plaque.
1041.Team signed Penguins photo of Stanley Cup victory. 8 by 10 certified.
1042.Pair of Jaromir Jagr signed 8 by 10 photos.
1043.Partial Penguins team signed 8 by 10 photo of Stanley Cup victory. Certified
1044.Pair of autographed Evgeni Malkin trading cards.
1045.Signed Jerome Bettis 8 by 10 photo, certified.
1046.Levion Bell Rookie Team Threads Card.
1047.Lot of 5 signed Penguins posters and photos.
1048.Michael Jordan Big Man on Campus slabbed trading card.
1049.Pair of signed Troy Polamalu 8 by 10 photos. 1 is certified.
1050.Signed Dion Sanders 8 by 10 photo.
1051.Sidney Crosby Autographed Scripted Swatches card.
1052.Lou Gehrig Slabbed and graded 6 of Diamonds card.
1053.Lebron James Big Man on Campus card.
1054.Certified Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Ward Jersey cards.
1055.Signed Jerry The King Lawler cutout cardboard poster. 23 high, mild damage.
1056.Lot of 6 Golf Course place mats. Different holes from different with layouts on back. Nice nostalgia for the avid golfer.
1057.Signed Joe Greene Stamped Hall of fame inductee card. Certified.
1058.Lot of 10 Rookie cards, various sports
1059.Upper Deck Jumbo Pack, Series One Baseball cards, unopened.
1060.Lot of 3 Matt Capps Bobble Heads, Mint in box.
1061.Box of Parkhurst 1993-94 NHL Hockey cards. Series 2, unopened.
1062.Signed Joe Greene 8 by 10 photo. NFL Hologram
1063.Signed Josh Harrison 10 by 8 photo
1064.2 boxes of basketball cards. Fleer 1995-96 and Classic Draft Picks. Unopened.
1065.2 boxes of Fleer Baseball cards and Logo Stickers. 1988 and 1989, unopened.
1066.Signed Sidney Crosby 8 by 10 photo.
1067.Signed Michael Jordan 8 by 10 photo.
1068.Signed Ted Williams 8 by 10 print.
1069.Signed Matt Murray 10 by 8 photo, certified.
1070.Signed Jerome Bettis 8 by 10 photo, certified.
1071.Wayne Gretzky signed 10 by 8 photo, certified.
1072.Signed Lebron James high school 10 by 8 photo, certified.
1073.Signed Chris Hemsworth Thor 10 by 8 print, certified.
1074.Signed Levion Bell 8x10 photo, certified.
1075.Lot of 6 autographed baseball cards.
1076.Lot of 6 autographed football and baseball cards.
1077.Lot of 6 autographed baseball cards.
1078.Certified slabbed dual jersey football card - Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson.
1079.Slabbed 1977 Lou Gehrig 9 of spades card.
1080.Slabbed & Graded Lebron James 2002 Rookie Review #6 Gem Mint 10.
1081.Lot of 2 collectible baseball figurines and 2 bobble heads
1082.Lot of 2 collectable baseball figurines and 2 bobble heads.
1083.Lot of 4 Pirates baseball bobble heads.
1084.Lot of 4 baseball bobble heads.
1085.Lot of 4 football bobble heads.
1086.Lot of 4 hockey bobble heads.
1087.Lot of 6 assorted bobble heads
1088.Lot of 3 collectible Pirate statues and 2 bobble heads.
1089.Lot of 5 football bobble heads. Randle El glued on stand.
1090.Lot of 5 bobbleheads. 3 baseball, 2 basketball.
1091.Lot of 4 collectible Pirate figurines.
1092.Lot of 11 player trading cards, various sports.
1093.Signed Olli Määttä 8x10 photo, certified.
1094.Lot of 9 autographed player trading cards.
1095.Lot of 6 autographed player trading cards.
1096.Signed Willie Stargell 8x10 photo.
1097.Lot of 2 Troy Polamalu signed 8x10 photos with NFL hologram.
1098.Signed Donald Trump wrestling 8x10 photo, certified.
1099.Signed Bruce Springstein 8x10 along with 2 signed Donald Trump 8x10 photo's, 1 certified.
1100.Lot of 2 Troy Polamalu signed 8x10 photo's with NFL hologram.
1101.2 signed Antonio Brown framed and signed 8x10 photo's with NFL hologram
1102.Signed Mario Lemieux 8x10 framed photo.
1103.Signed Kevin Stevens 8x10 photo.
1104.Signed Ilya Kovalchuk 8x10 photo, certified.
1105.Signed Jim Brown 8x10 photo.
1106.Signed Phil Kessel, Nick Bonino and Carl Hagelin
1107.Signed Sidney Crosby and Matt Murray 8x10 photo, certified.
1108.Signed Jack Lambert 8x10 photo, certified.
1109.Signed Bullet Bill Dudley 8x10 photo with NFL hologram.
1110.Signed Ernie Stautner 8x10 photo with NFL hologram.
1111.Tom Landry jersey card, piece of authentic game worn jacket.
1112.Jerry Rice autographed card.
1113.Dan Marino autographed card.
1114.Generous lot of trading cards and ticket stubs.
1115.Earl Morrall autographed card with authentic hologram.
1116.Slabbed and graded Mark McGwire rookie card
1117.Signed John Madden 8x10 photo.
1118.Signed Peyton Manning 8x10 photo.
1119.Steve Young rookie card, slabbed.
1120.Carmelo Anthony rookie card.
1121.Tony Gwynn rookie card.
1122.Wayne Gretzky rookie card.
1123.Barry Sanders rookie card.
1124.Derek Jeter rookie card.
1125.Terry Bradshaw jersey card.
1126.Lot of 4 cards, 3 autographed, and game used bat card.
1127.Kobe Bryant Jersey card.
1128.Signed Dale Earnhardt 8x10 photo.
1129.Signed Marshall Faulk 8x10 photo.
1130.Signed Evgeni Malkin 8x10 photo with NHL hologram.
1131.Signed Franco Harris 8x10 photo.
1132.Troy Aikman jersey card.
1133.Slabbed and graded Ben Roethlisberger rookie card.
1134.Signed Mario Lemieux 8x10 photo, certified.
1135.Interesting lot of 8 hockey stickers with authgraphs.
1136.Signed Dan Marino 8x10 photo with hologram.
1137.Signed Hines Ward and Jerome Bettis 8x10 from Super Bowl XL with hologram.
1138.Signed Bullet Bud Dubley with Hologram.
1139.Lot of 12 autographed hockey stickers on cards.
1140.Pair of signed John Henry Johnson and Ernie Stautner 8x10 photos with NFL Hologram.
1141.Signed Al Pacino 8x10 from Scarface, certified.
1142.Signed Hank Aaron 8x10 photo, certified.
1143.Signed Rocky Bleier Giant Eagle advertising poster, 8x10
1144.Signed Nick Bonino 8x10 photo.
1145.Pair of Winter Classic Emblems.
1146.Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr 4x6 advertising cards.
1147.Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr 4x6 advertising cards.
1148.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1149.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1150.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1151.Lot of 6 logo baseballs
1152.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1153.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1154.1 lot of 4 Ultimate Fighting Cards, 3 autographed, 1 mat relic.
1155.Dan Marino game worn jersey card.
1156.Slabbed Jim Kelly autographed card.
1157.Lot of 3 Ultimate Fighting Cards, autographed and 1 mat card.
1158.Lot of 4 Ultimate Fighting Card, autographed.
1159.Slabbed Karl Malone rookie card.
1160.Roberto Clemente card.
1161.Lot of 5 Willie Stargell cards.
1162.Levion Bell rookie card.
1163.Terry Bradshaw jersey card.
1164.Lot of 5 Kevin Garnett rookie cards.
1165.Lot of 20 Pirate advertising cards, some signed.
1166.Lot of 5 Kevin Garnett rookie cards.
1167.Lot of 6 autographed football and baseball cards.
1168.Lot of 6 autographed Pirate cards.
1169.Lot of 6 autographed baseball and football cards.
1170.Signed Dwight White 8x10 photo.
1171.Signed Terry Bradshaw 8x10 photo.
1172.Lot of 6 autographed Pirates cards.
1173.Lot of 6 autographed Pirates cards.
1174.Lot of 6 autographed Pirates cards.
1175.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1176.Lot of 5 Steeler Bobbleheads.
1177.Lot of 5 Penguin Bobbleheads.
1178.Lot of 5 Pirate Bobbleheads.
1179.Lot of 5 assorted Bobbleheads.
1180.Lot of 4 plastic Bobbleheads and 2 figurines
1181.Johnstown Cheifs Jersey
1182.Lot of 6 logo balls.
1183.Lot of 5 assorted bobbleheads.
1184.4 bobbleheads and a Mark McGwire figurine.
1185.Lot of 4 bobbleheads and a Bill Mazeroski figurine.
1186.Lot of 5 bobbleheads.
1187.Lot of 3 bobbleheads.
1188.Autographed Mark McGwire card.
1189.Signed Adrian Peterson 8x10 along with rookie card on plaque.
1190.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1191.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1192.Lot of 6 logo baseballs.
1193.Signed 8x10 Frank Thomas
1194.Signed Ryne Sandberg 8x10 photo.
1195.Signed Tommy Maddox 8x10 photo.
1196.Signed Nick Bonino 8x10 photo.
1197.Triple signed baseball by Gregory Polanco, Starling Marte and Andrew McCutchen.
1198.Signed Nick Bonino puck, certified.
1199.Signed Chris Kunitz hockey puck, certified.
1200.Signed Les Binkley hockey puck, certified.
1201.Signed Johnny Mize baseball.
1202.Signed Terry Bradshaw football.
1203.Signed Mike Eruzione print, 20x16 JSA certified.
1204.Signed Mike Eruzione photo, 20x16, JSA certified.
1205.Brock Lesnar picture, cutout of poster.
1206.Signed Ben Roethlisberger 8x10 photo.
1207.Signed Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan 8x10 photo.
1208.Lot of 9 vintage football cards.
1209.Signed Sidney Crosby 8x10 photo, certified.
1210.Signed Evgeni Malkin 8x10 photo.
1211.Partial Steelers team signed 8x10 photo with NFL hologram.
1212.Partial Steelers team signed 8x10 photo with NFL hologram.
1213.Signed Pascal Dupuis 8x10 photo.
1214.Fantastic lot of 62 signed Steelers 8x10 photos with NFL Hologram. Many duplicate photos.
1215.Signed Joe DiMaggio baseball.
1216.Ron Francis card and signed puck desk top item
1217.Signed Rocky Blier Giant Eagle advertising poster.
1218.Signed John Glenn 8x10 framed photo.
1219.Signed Andy Russell 8x10 photo.
1220.Lot of 10 Pirate team set cards.
1221.Lot of 10 Pirate team set cards.
1222.Lot of 10 Pirate team set cards.
1223.Lot of 10 Pirate team set cards.
1224.Lot of 10 Pirate team set cards.
1225.Signed Ken Griffey, Jr. baseball.
1226.Signed Josh Harrison baseball.
1227.Signed Gregory Polanco baseball.
1228.Signed Francisco Cervelli baseball.
1229.Signed Josh Harrison baseball.
1230.Signed Starling Marte baseball.
1231.Signed Gregory Polanco baseball.
1232.Lot of 10 Pirate team set cards.
1233.Slabbed Eric Lindros rookie card.
1234.Chicago Bulls logo pin.
1235.Lynn Swann signed baseball.
1236.Signed Chuck Bednarik 8x10 photo.
1237.Penn State logo pin, 1982 National champions.
1238.Signed George Brett 8x10 photo.
1239.Very rare cancelled check from Willie Stargell.
1240.Signed Brett Hull 8x10 photo.
1241.Signed Troy Aikman 8x10 photo.
1242.Signed Jung Ho Kang baseball.
1243.Triple signed Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen and Gregory Polanco baseball.
1244.Signed Andrew McCutchen baseball.
1245.Signed Francisco Cervelli baseball.
1246.Signed Garrett Cole baseball.
1247.Lot of 15 team set and partial team set cards.
1248.Lot of baseball cards.
1249.Signed Hines Ward 8x10 photo with NFL hologram.
1250.Signed Cam Heyward 8x10 photo.
1251.Signed Jerome Bettis 8x10 photo.
1252.Signed Antonio Brown 8x10 photo with NFL hologram.
1253.Signed Francisco Liriano 8x10 photo.
1254.Brent Alexander 8x10 photo with NFL hologram.
1255.Signed Daniel Sepulveda 8x10 photo, NFL hologram.
1256.Signed Garrett Cole baseball.
1257.Signed Jung Ho Kang baseball.
1258.Signed Andrew McCutchen baseball.
1259.Signed Garrett Cole baseball.
1260.Signed Jung Ho Kang baseball.
1261.Signed Gregory Polanco baseball.
1262.Signed Andrew McCutchen baseball.
1263.Beautiful set of slabbed autographed Penguin cards.
1264.Double signed Hank Aaron and Whitey Ford Photo with certificate of authenticity.
1265.Lot of 18 vintage football cards.
1266.Lot of 25 Mario Lemieux cards.
1267.Lot of 22 Mario Lemieux cards.
1268.Slabbed Reggie Jackson Jersey card.
1269.Slabbed game worn jersey card. Bill Russell and Michael Jordan.
1270.Lot of basketball cards, 2 unopened boxes.
1271.Vintage 11x14 poster of Pittsburgh Orioles.
1272.2 Reproduction photos of Bill Mazeroskis game winning homerun along with a repro photo of Forbes Field.
1273.Pair of Tiger Woods figurines, statues. Signed.
1274.Signed Brett Favre football
1275.Signed Britney Spears 8x10 photo.
1276.2 boxes of unopened basketball cards.
1277.2 boxes of unopened hockey cards.
1278.2 boxes of unopened football and baseball cards.
1279.2 miniature collectible footballs.
1280.Lot of 5 signed hockey pucks.
1281.Lot of 5 hockey pucks, 4 signed.
1282.Lot of 5 logo baseballs.
1283.Lot of 8 signed game used MLB baseballs.
1284.Signed Bill Mazeroski baseball.
1285.Lot of 3 Pirates 1971 commemorative steins, mint in box.
1286.Lot of 2 commemorative 1960 World Series steins.
1287.3 signed golf balls, one is Rocco Mediate.
1288.Lot of 8 signed game used MLB baseballs.
1289.Pair of miniature football helmets.
1290.Lot of 8 game used and signed MLB game used baseballs.
1291.2 signed miniature helmets, Jim Kelley and Paul Looduca
1292.Nice photo of Three Rivers Stadium and a piece of turf from the stadium.
1293.Lot of 8 game used and signed MLB baseballs.
1294.Last game Pitt Stadium aluminum pie fragment signed by Walt Harris.
1295.Pair of Steelers First day covers.
1296.Lot of 8 wrestling cards.
297.Set of 4 vintage Steeler super bowl glasses.
1298.Signed Hank Aaron baseball.